COVID-19 UPDATE + Free online course

In light of the current Covid-19 pandemic situation & social isolation being enforced around the world, Happy Snappers are helping to keep people active, creative & Mindful, while staying safe & healthy.

The online self-directed course is free to join & all you need to participate is a camera, whether that be a dedicated camera or a camera that is on a mobile phone is irrelevant. This will be delivered weekly through emails, online reading, & online video’s over a three month period initially.

There is the potential to interact with others, sharing images & conversations on our Facebook Group & by sharing your images on Instagram with our hashtag of #happysnappersmindfulphotography

This will continue on as a free self-directed activity after the social isolation for Covid-19 is over.

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The form of Mindfulness we use & recommend is a simple two part process. There are other forms of Mindfulness practice that have many parts to them, some exceeding ten formal steps of practice! That’s way too complicated for the average person just starting out on a journey of exploring the world through Photographic Mindfulness.
In 2004 a paper was written by a consensus of Psychologists, proposing a two-component model of Mindfulness. That is what our method of Mindfulness is based upon, as it is the least complex & easiest to learn & remember.
In the simplest way I can put this, the first step involves observing where you are & what is happening in this moment, the second step is where you are inquisitive about that but without any judgement. It is perfectly okay for that cycle to repeat as you are drawn to different things to photograph.

Step 1

Register for our free online Mindful Photography course. Starting in mid to late May 2020.

Open for new members right now!

Step 2

We will join you into the free online Mindful Photography Course, delivered weekly, for you to undertake at your pace!


As this is a Mindful Photography activity, the use of a camera or a mobile phone is not really that important. If you are aware of how to access a state of Mindfulness, the type of camera used is irrelevant when practising Mindful Photography! That is the primary purpose of this course, sharing simple guidance on how to access a state of Mindfulness when photographing.

There are studies showing that photography using a camera is the quickest way to easily achieve a state of Mindfulness, but those studies didn’t have people becoming Mindful before starting their photography, they looked solely on the ease of accessing a state of Mindfulness through using a camera for photography. So if we share in simple ways with you how to become Mindful, it theoretically should be an activity that anyone with a camera can do; regardless of whether it be an action cam, a 360 cam, a film camera, a mobile phone, a tablet, or even a DSLR!

Who are Happy Snappers?

Happy Snappers Explained Quickly

"Quickly entering into a state of Mindfulness has been proven to be easiest achieved through the means of photography!"
Alex Mausolf
Happy Snappers Founder + Facilitator


As this is a Mindful Photography activity, this is probably not something to undertake if you are a competitively natured photographer! Let me explain that a little.

This course was not created like normal photography courses where the sense of competition to become better than others is strongly evident. This course offers you the ability to experience some beneficial time in a state of Mindfulness, this is not a competition for the most ‘likes’, it is focused upon your access to Mindfulness through the use of photography. It is not a technical step-by-step course on photographic technique or camera use.